Monday, March 13, 2006

E is for Energy

Energy drinks (BAWLS)
When I first tried BAWLS I got it as a joke on my brother-in-law... He chews and he uses soda bottles for his spittoon. I thought this was perfect we wouldn't have to see his spit, and I labeled it T's Spitton. Of course I labled it so that his name was on the front side and spittoon was on the back side. So when you looked at the front side it said...


He did not mind my little joke... he thought it was great. There is only one store here in Redding that sells it. And it happens to be where we normally shop...Winco, so I try to buy one every now and then so they don't stop selling it. I like Mt Dews energy drinks as well but I will have to say... heeheehee... "blue" BAWLS are my favorite!!