Sunday, January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Well it is a new year and a time for new beginnings. I have been absent from my blog for quite awhile so I am going to put on my New Years Resolution to blog at least once a week.

New Years Resolutions
  1. Go to the gym at least once a week.
  2. Swim at least 1 mile each month.

  3. (I stopped swimming in November when the gyms heater went out over a cold weekend and started using the weight-room)
  4. Blog once a week.


Stacy said...

You forgot to share your knitting adventure that you undertaking! I resolve to make sure that you actually follow through with it. So share it and maybe we will add a photo of you fumbling with the needles.

Kyle said...

It's not that I forgot I just haven't got to that yet. All in good time... all in good time.