Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well I started knitting in the past couple weeks, I was kinda forced into it, because my wife did not want to make me a Harry Potter scarf. Well to be totally honest I wasn't really forced. I mean no one is holding a gun to my head and if I pushed enough she probably would have made it eventually, but I decided that I want to do something other than just sit like a bump on a log when I am watching TV. I couldn't think of anything better to do so..... My wife got Santa to bring me yarn and a pair of circular needles for Christmas.

I have not gotten to far on my project yet, but of course this is all new to me. I mean I have helped my wife understand how to do some techniques in the past, but I have never really done it myself, so it is taking me a while to get going. For my first project I am learning to knit on circular needles using the "Magic Loop" technique. Why, you are probably asking, if you are not going start on straight needles, would you doubly compound your learning curve by adding the "Magic Loop" technique? Well, the pattern I am following for the PoA/GoF Harry Potter scarf calls for knitting in the round on 16" circular needles, and no one in Redding has anything smaller than a 26" circular needle in aluminum. So since I have already decided I like aluminum better than bamboo I am stuck for now, however there may be a trip to Chico in the near future. My wife would like that even if the excess cable wasn't annoying me and in turn her, as I am sure she would love to go to a "real yarn store".

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Stacy said...

Actually, I am feeling quite guilty that I have knitted items for everyone but you. There may be a sweater in the future if I can find the right pattern and great yarn to make it in. You are a good knitter, by the way, you just need to loosen up!