Saturday, January 7, 2006

Mugglecast and more

We just listened to our first Mugglecast on iTunes tonight. "The first podcast of 2006" It was fun to hear the theories that other people have. There should be a new one out tomorrow I think.

My Nephew just turned 11 so we got him his own PDGA approved disc. Now when he goes out with us he has his own disks. I think he will be able to play with these better than the ones that he borrows from us. It’s great to see him enjoying something other than just video games.

Speaking of video games we feel like we have waited long enough we cant wait to get our hands on the new X-Box 360. But all that we have available to us right now is the core system and we want the system that includes the hard drive. What’s the point of the core system anyways I mean it is not backwards compatible without the HDD and you cant do online gaming.

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