Sunday, January 15, 2006

New Sounds

My wife and I have been attending Neighborhood Church of Redding for the last few years. I went to my first meeting, today, to learn how to run the Mixer for our Church's new service called The Well. I have run sound before, but never on this advanced of a mixer. Thankfully they will be giving us a chance to learn before we are let loose on it all by ourselves. I sat in the booth for our churches Celebration Service, after the meeting. I am glad I am not being "thrown" at that mixing board. I will probably get to use it someday but, WOW... I mean compared to that one, the mixer I am going to be learning now, is like... half as complex, in comparison what I have used in the past.

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Rich Kirkpatrick said...

Hey..."sounds" exciting! This is Rich from Neighborhood...glad to see another blogger from our church and from Redding!